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A mind map consists of several topics organized under one theme. Each map contains one route topic as the central topic, and can contain up to 50 topics.


A topic is an individual component of the mind map. Topics are connected and organized in parent-child relationships. One topic is connected to a parent topic, and multiple topics can be kept as child topics. For example, the parent topic "galaxy" can have "solar system" as its child topic. In turn, "solar system" can have "earth" added as its child topic.

iconMap Graph

A topic can be visually displayed by a related diagram. In graph display, various operations are possible.


In each topic, several memos can be added as "notes." A note can be viewed when connecting to the topics of other users. Moreover, when a note is added, a notification is automatically sent. Notes by all users describing a connected topic can be viewed chronologically as "everyone's notes".

> To connect to topics of other users


Data from Wikipedia or data automatically created as a registered topic are accumulated as keywords. Popular keywords are displayed in the upper left hand corner of the top page and are used as shared knowledge for Marici users. A keyword cannot be edited when a topic name exists in Wikipedia or when the URL is entered in the topic.

Related information

Related information is automatically displayed from topics made by other users that are connected to the keyword. If needed, such information can be inserted into one's own mind map.


Click the "Home" button, to display a list of one's own mind maps. The "tag" shown on the left side of the screen displays a list of a specified number of tags connected to the mind map.

> Edit Mind Map: Tag

> To Separate a Topic into an Independent Mind Map


Click the "timetable" button, to display the start time and end time of a topic. Since only topics with a specified end time are displayed on the topic edit screen, it can used as a "to do" list, etc.

> Edit Topic: Time


Click the "calendar" button to display a monthly calendar screen. Topic names are displayed under the set start date on the topic edit screen.

> Edit Topic: Time


Click the "settings" button to display the "edit user information" screen. Click the "update" button to save any changes made to the registration details.


Click the "login" button to display the login screen. Enter a registered "user name" and "password," and click the "login" button.


Click the "logout" button to log out.


Click the "user registration" button to display the user registration screen. Enter the required information and click the "create" button. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address registered in Marici. Registration is completed when the link provided by the e-mail is accessed and service can begin.


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